Iconic VJ Day Photograph “Sailor Kiss” Decried As Depiction of Sexual Assault

A feminist blogger known as “Leopard” who blogs on the website Crates and Ribbons is taking a lot of heat for a post about the backstory of the iconic 1945 VJ Day soldier-nurse kiss photograph….”A closer look at the image in question shows corroborating details that become stomach-turning when properly viewed: the smirks on the faces of the sailors in the background; the firm grasp around the physically smaller woman in his arms such that she could not escape if she tried; the woman’s clenched fist and limp body,” writes the blogger. In a subsequent post, she includes three more images snapped by Eisenstaedt, one of which seems to feature Zimmer pushing Mendonsa away with her fist.

Sources: http://cratesandribbons.com/2012/10/05/the-kissing-sailor-part-2-debunking-misconceptions/

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